RJHU, What Gives?

Any JHU student who knows we have a newspaper knows that – as far as information and insight are concerned – it’s essentially worthless. Latest news and features include: Finding the perfect haircut in B’more and maintaing that style (self-explanatory), Stalking, talking and other annoying habits (main advice on stalking: it’s illegal and “hardly romantic”), and Ask a Scientist: How is “Asian Glow” caused by alcohol? (defective copy of an enzyme).

Here at RJHU we would like to keep you informed of what is actually happening at our university.

Information to be expected:

Who are our the university trustees, really, and what are their relations to the pharmaceutical industry?

Why am I so in debt?

Why aren’t campus employees being paid a living wage?

And do Hopkins’ students protest?

All this and more coming to RJHU.